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Make your Atom be more convenient when you want to run your code. You don't need to use command line or other IDE to run your code. You just need to click F12 to run your code.

If you are a programmer need to program different kinds of code, you must need an assortment of IDEs for each kind of code such as Eclipse, PyCharm, DevC++,and so on. If you install this package, you can finish all your project in Atom.

However, this package only support for Windows system so if you want to help me just contact us(me QQ).


Because my English is so poor, I really need a person who can "Debug" my English.

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Step1: package.json

"activationCommands": { "atom-workspace": "Exec-in-cmd:start" },

Step2: lib/exec.coffee

This file can get the filepath. and give these parameters to lib/open.exe

To be frank, this file is rewritten by other package "open_in_cmd"

//omit 略 exec "start #{dir_name}\\open.exe #{dir_path} #{basename} #{extname} #{dir_name}"

Step3: lib/open.exe made by C lang

//omit 略 int execAndGet(char* cmd, char* result){ // 略 omit } int clean(char *p){ *p='\0'; } float exec(char str[]){ //omit 略 system(str); //omit 略 } int main(int argc, char *argv[]){ //strcmp is a function compare two strings. If they are same, return 0 //argv[1] return path (not including \) //argv[2] return filename (not including extension) //argv[3] return filename extension (including point) //argv[4] return this open.c's path (not including \) char str[1024]="",str2[1024]=""; int error=0,exit=0,packageFlag=0; float compile_time=0.0,exec_time=0.0,total_time=0.0; clock_t start_compile_time,end_compile_time; sprintf(str,"cd \"%s\"",argv[1]); if(strcmp(argv[3],".java")==0){ //omit 略 }else if(strcmp(argv[3],".c")==0 || strcmp(argv[3],".cpp")==0){ //omit 略 }else if(strcmp(argv[3],".py")==0){ sprintf(str,"%s & python \"%s%s\"",str,argv[2],argv[3]); }else if(strcmp(argv[3],".go")==0){ sprintf(str,"%s & go run \"%s%s\"",str,argv[2],argv[3]); }else if(strcmp(argv[3],".R")==0){ sprintf(str,"%s & chcp 65001 & cls & Rscript \"%s%s\"",str,argv[2],argv[3]); }else if(strcmp(argv[3],".rb")==0){ sprintf(str,"%s & chcp 65001 & cls & ruby \"%s%s\"",str,argv[2],argv[3]); }else if(strcmp(argv[3],".html")==0 || strcmp(argv[3],".htm")==0 || strcmp(argv[3],".pdf")==0 || strcmp(argv[3],".lnk")==0){ sprintf(str,"%s & start \"\" \"%s\\%s%s\"",str,argv[1],argv[2],argv[3]); exit=1; //We don't need cmd window if we open the types of files }else{ error=(argv[0]==0)? 2:1; } if(error==1){ printf("The filepath extension is not supported.\n"); }else if(error==2){ printf("You have not chosen a file."); }else{ //omit 略 } if(exit==0){ system("pause"); } return 0; }

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